Year 9s visit to Chandaria Industries

On Tuesday 23rd October 2018, the year 9 students visited Chandaria Industries. This trip was aimed at explaining how industrial processes work, and how materials are made, manufactured and recycled. This helped the students reinforce their learning from both science and geography.

The main material the students looked at was the recycling of waste paper to useful tissue products. There is a long process including washing, bleaching, drying, rewinding, cutting, patterning and packaging. They learnt about the different steps, chemicals and machines involved, and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of using industrial processes for recycling of materials.

They were all superbly behaved and adhered to all the safety protocols. It was evident that active learning was taking place with all the students being fully engaged in the various activities of the trip. Chandaria Industries management were very impressed by the conduct of the students, as such, they were given some giveaways including pocket tissue that was recently made.