Outdoor Classroom Day

In the Early Years Unit, we joined in with schools all around the world in taking part in ‘Outdoor Classroom Day.’ The children got the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to new, exciting activities.

FS2 started the day by working out the best way to light a fire, exploring ideas such as rubbing two sticks together to create a spark, placing stones in the fire to burn and using paper to get the fire started. The children also used their problem solving skills to build a den as a base for the day and then moved on to lots of other fun outdoor activities.

In FS1 the children rode their bikes or scooters to the KS3 block, collecting sticks and fallen figs, throwing the figs into the ponds, preparing a pretend campfire, roasting marshmallows (figs), pretending to fish and making clay faces on the trees, amongst a multitude of different activities sparked by their imaginations.

Crèche Class had a blast! They enjoyed going for a nature walk and having a picnic by the boarding house. They were also quite excited about walking on the bridge by the Lily Pad and watching marshmallows being roasted in the sandpit area.

It was very inspiring to see the children so happy and enjoying the experience of their natural environment. The levels of engagement were extremely high and it was interesting to watch how the children’s activities evolved throughout the day. The children loved this special day (and the teachers did too!)

3B Art Collages

We created our own collages in 3B art - whales in the water. First, we painted water background, then we tore it and stuck it to another page for a special effect. To finish off, we glued a few black whale shapes in the water and put tin foil grass on the bottom.

Mrs. Travis

U15's march proudly to the semi-finals

U15A Netball

Playing in their last match of the pool stages, the U15A team were determined to remain unbeaten and stay perched at the top of their group. They demonstrated excellent collaboration against an unrelenting BGR side. We maintained possession and high scoring accuracy  throughout all quarters. A fantastic team performance from all of the girls secured the first semi-final slot in this years league. Well done girls.

U15B Netball

The U15B team had their best performance this year against a strong BGR outfit. Our passing and movement has significantly improved throughout the season. Lou Lopez (WA) was faultless, getting into space and making sure the shooters were supplied with high quality scoring opportunities. BGE dominated the first three quarters, but steam ran out as we allowed BGR to close the game out in the final minutes. A sore loss, however the potential for this team was evident by this display.

Final score: BGE 14 - 16 Braeburn Gitanga

Four Wins From Four

U15A Netball

In their first away fixture of the season, the U15A team had a slow start to the game against Nairobi Academy. Trailing by one goal at the end of the first quarter, the girls had to exploit their training gains to build momentum in the remaining three quarters. A consistent use of different tactical plays ensured they gained a lead and refused to relinquish. A solid performance from Larissa Stobbart (GD) in defence limited the scoring opportunities for Nairobi Academy. Final score: BGE 16- 11 Nairobi Academy.

 U15B Netball

The U15 B netball girls played yet another tough match against Aga Khan in their penultimate pool game fixture. Polina worked tirelessly in the center court to ensure the ball reached our attacking third. The girls progress is evident as we converted more scores than previous games. As we look forward to their next game they will need to work on their precision when passing in order to avoid interceptions.

Final score: BGE 11 - 21 Aga Khan


U9 Boys' Football Tournament at Braeside

The BGE boys played very well and demonstrated excellent passing in every game, especially up front with Jamie, Jordan, Charlie and Faaez linking up with quick passes. The team scored a total of 6 goals in the tournament, only conceding 2 en route to the quarter finals. Despite dominating the match, we unfortunately lost on penalties to BGR.

Various coaches from other schools commented on how impressed they were with the team’s performances throughout the tournament. Well Done Boys!!!

BGE vs Braeside 0-1
BGE vs Brookhouse 2-0
BGE vs Rusinga 2-0
BGE vs Premier 2-1
BGE vs BGR 0-0 (lost 5-6 on penalties)