Down Syndrome and ADHD - Raising awareness!

27th October 2021

October is Down Syndrome and ADHD awareness month. BGE celebrated this on Wednesday 27th October through:

  • 9A’s assembly was on Down Syndrome and ADHD to give students a greater awareness of the challenges and support other students’ needs.
  • 9A students and some members of staff wore miss-matching or ‘happy socks’ socks. These are typically worn on March 21st during World Down Syndrome day. Since October is the Down Syndrome awareness month, they still came in handy.

  • Some members of staff wore Down Syndrome Awareness T-shirts from T21 FSO - a Down Syndrome support network based in Nairobi.

A member of the T21 FSO came in to visit and spoke with staff and students about her experience of raising a child with Down Syndrome.