Our Approach

These are our guiding statements at BGE and we refer to these as our Philosophy and Objectives. All stakeholders are encouraged to interpret, and incorporate them in their teaching & learning, lifestyles and character profiles.

Our Philosophy:

“We are a learner centred, caring environment that facilitates students to realise their potential as responsible & successful international citizens.”

Our Objectives:

These have 3 core values, which are then further expanded using 3 key words as follows:

Our students and our community are:

  1. Confident Individuals
    1. International
    2. Active
    3. Leaders
  2. Responsible Citizens
    1. Respectful
    2. Caring
    3. Principled
  3. Learners Enjoying Success
    1. Achieving
    2. Inclusive
    3. Creative

Our Vision

Every student a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen.

Our Mission

Braeburn Schools actively value and celebrate diversity, nurturing personal growth by being proudly inclusive and truly international.

We help our children discover the fulfillment that comes through learning, in a fun and caring environment. Our teachers inspire students to be confident individuals, responsible global citizens, and successful life-long learners.

Braeburn schools are co-educational, offering British and International curricula to a multi-national student body, with school leavers gaining places at universities worldwide.

BTEC Level 3
Association of International Schools in Africa
The Independent Association of Prep Schools
GL Education Assessment Excellence
Council of International Schools
Council of British International Schools
Independent Schools Inspectorate
Cambridge International Examinations