The 2024 Scholarship

The scholarship window for 2024 applications will be opening towards the end of this term (late November). 

Braeburn follows the British National Curriculum up to the end of year 11 (16y/o) and offers the IB Diploma and Career Programmes beginning in year 12. 

Scholarships are only considered for entry into years 9 and 12 and will be awarded for academic endeavours and excellence in a particular (non academic) area such as sports, music, drama. 

Scholarships can carry a deduction in tuition fees of upto 30% and are awarded following a comprehensive process that includes an interview and assessments or proficiency testing (trials). 

These happen in Late January/early February, following consideration of applications that candidates will be invited to submit late in November.

Please register your interest via this link so that we might send details to you nearer the time. 

Association of International Schools in Africa
Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
GL Education Assessment Excellence
Independent Schools Inspectorate
Council of British International Schools (Accredited Member)