Braeburn Garden Estate offers weekly and full-time boarding for students in Years 9 and above. These options, in a newly, fully-refurbished and re-conceptualised boarding house, provide excellent choice to meet the needs of all families: a 'home away from home'. Students in weekly boarding arrive at school on Monday morning and stay through to Friday afternoon, thus avoiding the daily, and time consuming, routine of commuting. 

The school bus service and all meals & drinks are included in the boarding fees. Naturally, the full-time boarders avoid all such time on the road and have access to an exciting range of excursions and activities as well as structured prep time and activities on-site. Braeburn Garden Estate boarders reside in our main Treetops block, with rooming options catering for the different ages of our pupils - e.g. Year 9 typically sharing in 4-bed rooms up to IB students in 1-bed rooms - age appropriate and fit for purpose.

Boarding parents are also teaching staff, allowing for strong pastoral development and academic support, ensuring personal and educational development goals are fulfilled. There is a fully developed and structured 'prep time' routine giving pupils both support in their studies alongside the much needed independence and self-reliance that is necessary for later life. 

Treetops also has extensive, modern facilities designed to allow students to enjoy and maximise their time in boarding, including, internet provision for research, study and common areas, access to the school's tennis and squash courts, gym and sport hall and social outlets including DSTV for movie nights and general rest and relaxation.

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Pupil Perception 2023/24

IB 2

  • Boarding at BGE has been a journey of growth and discovery - immersed in a vibrant community. From late- night study sessions to weekend adventures, camaraderie fills every moment. Challenges have been met with support, fostering resilience and growth. I’m grateful for the memories and lessons shaping my lifetime ahead.

  • Joining the boarding community has been a privilege - we are part of a supportive environment with both our peers and teachers - who provide us with academic support and a friendly atmosphere, and in turn, this encourages trust between all stakeholders. Boarding has provided us with multiple opportunities to ensure that every student felt valued and supported but also to learn new skills such as collaboration, leadership, planning, organisation etc… all to prepare us for a brighter future. Communication between boarding and students has been brilliantly facilitated as we have representatives throughout the student cohort, to ensure that all opinions are considered, which has helped us change the term “boarding” to “home”.

IB 1

  • As a new boarder, I was first concerned about adjusting to a structured schedule. However, the prep time completely changed my experience. The devoted prep time and focused atmosphere have increased my productivity, allowing me to achieve more than I usually do. The room's relaxing atmosphere provides a safe and pleasant environment for individual work. What genuinely distinguishes boarding from my past experiences is the wide selection of activities available afterwards. There is something for everyone, from artistic activities to physical activities, making it more interesting and entertaining. It was a really good experience for me and I enjoyed it.

  • If I could describe boarding in one word this year, I would choose ‘enchanting’. In just three school-terms, it has managed to keep me at the edge of my seat with the opportunities it has presented us to improve ourselves holistically and grow as individuals. With the aid of persevering boarding parents and housemates, boarding has proved to be an ever-evolving experience that I won't be able to forget. There’s never a quiet day with the mountains of activities, trips, and events provided. However, when structure and academic organisation are required, it offers a conducive environment to be productive. I have also enjoyed the leadership opportunities boarding comes with. In a nutshell, boarding is a blissful experience that I will cherish forever.

Year 11

  • My experience in boarding school is a mix of unique adventures and learning opportunities. The food is nutritious and varied enough to keep everyone satisfied, with occasional treats that make mealtimes something to look forward to. The boarding staff are more than just educators; they are mentors who guide us through academic challenges and personal growth, always available for extra help or a supportive conversation. The facilities are well-maintained, with comfortable dormitories and common areas that foster a sense of community. My house, in particular, is a place of camaraderie, where lifelong friendships are formed amidst shared experiences and mutual support.

  • I have been in boarding for a good amount of time and I've formed many friendships, all of which have helped me enjoy my time here and make many remarkable memories. Boarding has taught me how to be independent whilst also growing as a person. I've learnt so many things from my friends and Houseparents which have impacted me positively. Although boarding isn't officially home, I think that all my friends and special moments I get to have here make up for it. I have people to make me laugh when I'm feeling down and people that I can talk to when I need to. I'm glad that this was my first boarding school.

Year 10

  • Even though I have only been here for less than half a term, I have thoroughly appreciated the BGE Boarding Team. Prioritising sports and balancing them with my schoolwork is easy as the school has a comprehensive plan to maintain a comfortable and concentrated mindset. I am really pleased with the variety of events and possibilities available to me as a new student, and I have made many new friends in less than two months.

  • It’s my first year in boarding, and I think it is really good. As a full-time boarder, it feels like my second home. The people living here (teachers and students) are very kind, honest, and hospitable. The Sunday trips are fun, and I've learned a lot of things. I love this second family, and I wish everyone happiness for the coming year.

Year 9

  • Being a part of Baobab House has been an amazing part of my life, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Sharing a room with my classmates has been great; being a close trio has been an extra. I enjoy the activities we get involved in after school and after prep. Dinner is always amazing - lots of varieties to choose from, but I like the Thursday barbeques the most! I think at Baobab House, we are a very close group of people and a very strong community. Most of us enjoy the Tuesday football matches against the teachers, and I hope we can do it again soon. Did I mention the teachers have lost all the matches against us?

  • My experience in boarding has been really good because we have had many exciting events throughout each term - like the Halloween party, Winter Ball, and Easter Egg Hunt - which were all very enjoyable and fun. Boarding has also taught me how to be independent and responsible. Overall boarding in Acacia is a really amazing experience.

Parent Testimonials

I never imagined that my son would reside in boarding - in my mind he would live at home until he was 18 years old – as boarding is not a tradition in the country that I was born. But with time I have realised that he is becoming more confident and independent - as he has learned to accomplish daily tasks as a student and as a person.
I noticed that in any situation he has the support of a great team of people taking care of the whole environment for the boarders, and every time that I have been worried about something, I always receive a kind and useful response from staff. Talking about the rooms and facilities at the famous Treetops house, I would say that they are really good quality. My congratulations and gratitude to the team behind the boarding system.

Parent Comments

"Our child has enjoyed being in boarding this term."
"We are happy that our daughter is happy!
"Boarding has been a wonderful experience"
"The activities have been well organized and enjoyable"
"The improvements to the facilities have made a significant contribution to boarding school life."
"The boarding facilities are excellent."
"Food is nutritious and plentiful."


  • 90% of boarders have stated they are extremely happy with the enrichment programme in place
  • 97% of boarders engage with at least one additional evening activity
  • 71% of boarders stated that boarding has helped them make and diversify their friendship groups within BGE
  • 100% boarders agreed that the structure, events, activities and trips provided by boarding has benefitted their happiness, well-being and/or mental health
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