Beyond the Classroom

At BGE we aim to ensure that we maximise opportunities for children ‘beyond the classroom’.  We believe that as well as enhancing their childhood experiences, this helps them to develop into well-rounded individuals with a wide range of life-skills that may be useful later in their lives.

Arts – music, drama, art & design

Through our Music & Drama departments, all children are encouraged to take part in productions on our stage.  We have major productions each year as well as regular musical concerts, talent shows and class assemblies.  We have a number of peripatetic music teachers instructing in different musical instruments, including drums, keyboard, string, woodwind, brass and voice, with our students regularly performing tea-time concerts for parents.  Braeburn students are encouraged to participate in local events and inter-school music & drama.

The school highly values the creative outputs of students through their Art & Design work and you will see numerous pieces of student’s work on display in and around the schools. We have developed these subjects over the years and we have well equipped studios and workshops that we encourage students to utilise and enjoy. Likewise we have extra-curricular clubs, such as life-drawing and STEM which allow students to experience new creative elements.


Sport is an integral part of our culture at BGE and all students are expected to participate in the sports programmes offered. Playing sport builds friendships, improves physical fitness, introduces new skills and creates opportunities to develop as part of a team. Ultimately, our aim is to instill a love of physical activity in order that pupils continue enjoying sport into their adult years.

BGE students are exposed to a wide range of sports. All students can play football, hockey, basketball, squash, tennis and also swim. Boys will also have the opportunity to play cricket and rugby whilst girls will also play rounders and netball; both play field hockey. Opportunities are created for the eldest students to take part in non-competitive sport such as yoga, zumba, CrossFit, dance and personal fitness.

Our extensive range of co-curricular activities supports our main sports programmes giving children the opportunities to learn golf, horse riding, sailing, karate and tae kwondo.

Sports programmes offer Saturday training sessions to further develop students’ abilities and as a member of the KAIIS (Kenya Association of Independent International Schools) we participate extensively in inter-school sport offering our students high quality competitive sport.

Just as important as learning to hone skills and tactics to be competitive in team games is the need to develop a sense of fair play, camaraderie and good sportsmanship.

The Tim Bryett Football Academy is a new initiative at BGE in partnership with the Tim Bryett Academy.  It is designed to run as a professional academy similar to those run in Europe, with training 3 to 4 times per week using sports science monitoring.  All team members are expected to maintain excellent academic grades and conduct.  The aim is to give the players the opportunity to fulfil their ambition of working as a professional in the football industry, whether as a player, a coach, or a businessman, while at the same time making sure they excel in their school academic performance.

Tim Bryett, who has worked with multiple Pro Academies in England and coached the Kenyan Premier League, has a degree in Sports Management in addition to UEFA and CAF qualifications.

Braeburn swimmers compete both Nationally and Internationally.  A rigorous training programme is offered to serious swimmers, who can choose to attend early morning or after-school sessions.  Training camps also run over school holidays and include both land and water sessions.  In recent years Braeburn swimmers have participated in: the World Championships; the All-Africa Games; the Commonwealth Games; the Africa Senior Swimming Championships; the Africa Junior Swimming Championships, and the International Children’s Games.  Our swimming team includes National Champions and record holders for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  Members from the team have received secondary school scholarships for swimming both in South Africa and in the United Kingdom.  Our graduates have also received swimming scholarships for universities in the United States and Canada.


We know that our children are the future leaders of tomorrow.  Our students are able to hone their leadership skills through the student council, becoming prefects or house captains.  In addition, the Model United Nations and President’s Awards offer our students real-life opportunities to learn and excel in forums outside of school.

Academic Competitions

We ensure children are given opportunities to compete using all their gifts and talents.  Academic competitions that take place include Writing competitions, Mathematics Challenges, quizzes and an annual inter-school Science Fair, hosted by Braeburn.  These encounters allow our children to compete with students in other international schools in Kenya, and occasionally, with schools elsewhere in the world.


At Braeburn we highly value learning outside the classroom.  This may be through field trips and outdoor adventure trips, or simply taking lessons outside.  We aim to ensure that each term, children will have at least one educational trip and from Year 3 up, one residential trip per year.  Kenya has some wonderful outdoor adventure locations and our residential trips range from stunning beaches to renowned bushlands, and include a wide variety of activities such as deep-sea diving, kayaking and rock climbing.  International trips in recent years have included skiing in France.

Community Service

Throughout their school career including the IB CAS programmes, BGE students are encouraged to be cognisant of the world around them, inclusive of people, animals and the environment.  From an early age, our children learn that it is important to make a difference in the world and to be caring of those less fortunate than themselves.  Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, students are encouraged to take part in charity events and to initiate their own fundraising occasions.

Career - work place experience

Careers’ guidance is given to Braeburn students to assist them in making informed decisions when choosing subjects for their public examinations.  In addition, our annual Careers’ Fair and opportunities for work place experience, give students a chance to talk to, and be inspired by, a wide range of professionals.

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Association of International Schools in Africa
The Independent Association of Prep Schools
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