Braeburn Garden Estate School

Welcome from the Headteachers

Braeburn Garden Estate School is a British Curriculum, fully CIS accredited IB World school that offers a truly international education to students from over 80 nationalities. This wonderful mix of international students and staff create a unique school community that we are extremely proud to lead.

A caring and dedicated staff emphasise high expectations in all areas of school life; from academics and activities, to empathy and integrity in order that students are nurtured with the skills and values that instil a love for learning and allow them to recognise, not only their potential, but also their responsibility to the lives of others.

BGE is a dynamic and progressive school that provides pupils with the challenges, opportunities, support and facilities that allow students to progress and enjoy school.

At BGE, we are passionate about your child’s education and look forward to meeting you soon.

John Herbert, Tim Richards & Rob Jackson


Braeburn Garden Estate recognises that excellence in school is something that should be rewarded and may award scholarships each year to students moving into year 9 and 12. These can carry up to a 30% reduction in tuition fees for a prescribed period of attendance. For further information on criteria and how to apply please email the Head teacher

Latest News

Outdoor Classroom Day

In the Early Years Unit, we joined in with schools all around the world in taking part in ‘Outdoor Classroom Day.’ The children got the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to new, exciting activities. FS2 started the day by working out the best way to light a fire ...

3B Art Collages

We created our own collages in 3B art - whales in the water. First, we painted water background, then we tore it and stuck it to another page for a special effect. To finish off, we glued a few black whale shapes in the water and put tin foil grass on ...

U15's march proudly to the semi-finals

U15A Netball Playing in their last match of the pool stages, the U15A team were determined to remain unbeaten and stay perched at the top of their group. They demonstrated excellent collaboration against an unrelenting BGR side. We maintained possession and high scoring accuracy  throughout all quarters. A fantastic team ...


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