Welcome to Braeburn Garden Estate

Braeburn Garden Estate School is a British Curriculum, fully CIS accredited IB World school that offers a truly international education to students from over 80 nationalities from ages 2 to 18. This wonderful mix of international students and staff create a unique school community that we are extremely proud to lead.

A caring and dedicated staff emphasise high expectations in all areas of school life; from academics and activities, to empathy and integrity in order that students are nurtured with the skills and values that instil a love for learning and allow them to recognise, not only their potential, but also their responsibility to the lives of others.

Term Dates

Term 1, 2022-2023
Term opens 30th August 2022
Term ends 9th December 2022
Half term 17th - 21st October 2022 Inclusive
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Braeburn Garden Estate School
Garden Estate Road
+254 (20) 501 8000
+254 720 667 622 - Secondary School
+254 734 600 029 - Secondary School
+254 715 433 218 - Key Stage 3 Block
+254710 649 301 - Primary School
+254 732 672 839 - Primary School