Level 2 NCAA swim gala (Makini)

12th October 2021

The Level 2 NCAA Invitational Swimming Championships was held from the 8th to10th of October 2021.

6 swimmers from BGE represented Braeburn Swimming Club: Ola, Anika, Manna, Virginia, Alan and Saffi.

Swimmers received 8 medals in total (6 golds,1 silver and 1 bronze). They also achieved a total of 3 ‘Level 3’ qualifying times and some ‘Level 2’ personal best times. Individual results were as follows;

In the age group 10-11 girls, Ola broke the BGE record of being the first primary representative at a level 2 gala and she swam well in the front crawl.

In the girls 12-13 age group, Anika attained gold in 100m BR ‘Level 3’ and ‘Level 2’ personal best in 200m IM and 100m FR. Virginia achieved a personal best time in 50m BR and gained some good experience.

In the boys 12-13 age group, Alan attained gold in the 100m BR. In the 50m BR Alan came in second position overall, however he missed the ‘Level 2’ time category by just over a second and therefore didn’t qualify for the medal.

In the 14-15 girls age group, Manna attained 2 gold medals in 100m IM and 100m FR with personal best times at ‘Level 2’. She also obtained 1 bronze in 100m BF with a personal best time in ’Level 2’ and 1 silver medal in the 100m BK with a ‘Level 3’ qualifying time.

In the Boys 14-15 age group, Saffi attained 2 golds, 1 in 50m BK with a ‘Level 3’ qualifying time and the other in 100m BK with a personal best time in ‘Level 2’.

Congratulations to all our swimmers!