Mombasa swimming camp

25th October 2021

The Mombasa swim camp was held from 17th to 22nd October. Eighty five (85) students from all Braeburn Schools took part in the swim camp.

17 swimmers represented BGE:

Ola, Angela, Zaira, Manna, Eowyn, Virginia, Abigail,Tanisha,Samarth, Hana, Zeyad, Maynuel, Dusan, Meggie, Max, Alan and Saffi.

Swimmers were excited as we arrived at Sarova WhiteSands Hotel on the 17th October 2021. During the camp they learnt about all areas of competitive swimming; from technique, to training and racing. The team was divided into three groups: Elite/advanced, intermediate and development groups, which helped push different ability groups to learn more.

Swimmers focused on many areas including drills, starts, turns, swim video assessments, swim dryland exercises, beach game activities, open water swim training as well as goal setting and team meetings.

Day summary is as follows:

Students woke up at 7am, breakfast 8am - 9am, leave to the pool 9:15am, 30 minutes warm-up and stretching, 10am - 12pm, first swim session of the day, head to the hotel for lunch and down time, 3pm leave back to the pool for the second session of the day 3:30pm - 5pm (starts, turns, finishes, drills, speed work), videos assessments, head to the hotel for dinner, team meeting and lights out at 9pm.

A huge well done to all of the students who attended the camp!