Braeburn Garden Estate coral village

5th April 2024

Last academic year (2022/23), the Year 6 students at the time raised and donated just under 50,000 KES to the Adopt a Coral Initiative of the Oceans Alive conservation program.

The Braeburn Garden Estate coral village was planted on the 2nd of August 2023 and is currently thriving (here is a video update from 2 weeks ago). 7 artificial reef structures were placed within the Kuruwitu tengefu (community conserved area) by coral team using the technique of Nail Artificial Reefs (NARs). Each structure holds around 25 coral fragments resulting into a total of 175 fragments. Multiple species of coral, including Acropora, Porites and Pocillopora, were planted.

Corals grow at a rate of 2-10 cm per year depending on the conditions and species. The coral structures are placed in close proximity from each other so eventually they will join together to form a small reef. If you are in Watamu over the holidays and would like to see out BGE Coral Village, reach out to Oceans Alive - here is a link to their contacts and location.

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