Inter-Schools IAPS Mathematics Challenge

31st October 2019

On Monday, BGE entered their first IAPS Maths challenge at Kenton College Preparatory School, taking two students to represent each year group:

  • Year 3: Lance & Kikyo
  • Year 4: Amar & Angela
  • Year 5: Alexandru & Essek
  • Year 6: Samarth & Ruby
  • Year 7: Karim & Launeve
  • Year 8: Adam & Lily

The pairs were given a series of challenges which included number work, reasoning and problem solving, working together to compete against many other teams. Our children performed magnificently well, finishing top in some of the rounds, with some pairs placing 3rd overall.

Kenyan IAPS Math Challenge

A proud day for BGE and its fine, young mathematicians!