Rio gold comes to BGE!

1st October 2016

Yesterday, BGE welcomed two Olympic athletes, Faith Kipyengo and Isiah Koech. Faith, as you may know, won the gold medal in the 1500m Olympic Final, as well as being the current commonwealth champion. Isiah is a world championship medalist in the 5000m and was in the Rio Olympic 5000m final. With the children being unaware of their arrival, you can imagine the excitement for all when Mr. Richards asked them to join his Friday assembly.
Many of us were lucky enough to see or even touch a real gold medal from the Rio Olympics. But just as importantly we were able to use this as an opportunity to emphasise the value and importance of dedication, training and hard work.
We thank Faith and Isiah for coming to BGE and we will definitely follow their progress in search of more medals.

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