STEAM enrichment

6th December 2021

This term we have had four students across KS3 taking part in a STEAM enrichment activity. The initial challenge enriches the curriculum. Four KS3 students were given the challenge of creating their own ‘Forensic investigation’ which was then set as a challenge for  the Year 6  classes. In creating this, they drew on their science, technology, engineering, art and maths knowledge to set up a dramatic, time pressured challenge which the Year 6  students had to solve and in some instances ‘escape’ from.

Ema - Year 8 lead of ‘The Escape Room”: There are just so many things to say about this uplifting and educational experience, so I’ll start with; it wasn’t easy. Coming up with a main story behind my STEAM escape room was indeed a challenge. Thinking up the group activities was even more arduous. But then, nothing that benefits you and 30 other curious, enthusiastic and exceedingly knowledgeable future secondary students comes easy. This experience was one of the most significant that I will take with me in my future life. 

Seeing those earnest faces pile into the KS3 block literally made me start jumping up with excitement. Observing each group give their all into each complex challenge lifted me up like an elevator. And most importantly, the high-pitched chorus of “Thank you, Ema!” was the most heartwarming. It made me feel like my hard work had positively impacted those youngsters.

Most of all, l would most definitely not have had that outstanding experience if it had not been for:

Mr Moffett, who’d assisted me and had given me evaluative feedback from the initial trial run.
Ms Reeve, who’d helped me set up and was there to support the event.
Mrs Lusimbo, who’d kept me fully up to date about what I was required to do at which stage. 

Very few people get to experience things like this, and I feel proud that I was one of only four students who were given the privilege to watch KS2 children gradually grow up into secondary schoolers and future STEAMists. I hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Feedback from Year 6 students: On the 1st December 2021, Year 6 carried out an investigation hosted by Ema in Year 8 and Faron and Omar in Year 9. We worked with the Year 9s and our task was to find out who the murderer was. There were several crime scenes but we were extremely smart and figured out that Taloom Gata was the killer. Overall, it was a nice experience and we got the once in a lifetime chance to be detectives.