Primary Well Being Week 2016

16th November 2016

Well being week 2016 video

In week 11, the entire school learnt something about health in well-being week. For Year 6 students there have been plenty of fun and interesting activities including first aid learning, dance class and yoga. We also got to find out how much sugar there is in the food we consume daily. In addition, we made “revolting smoothies.”

In first aid training, Ms Rose, the school nurse, came and taught us some basic first aid. We learnt about what a first aid kit contains, and how to treat and help with very minor injuries such as scrapes or splinters and choking. We also talked about dealing with fractures.

All of year 6 went to a dance class on Thursday we copied the instructor’s moves.

In addition, we brought in the package of 3 foods we consumed over the weekend and measured the amount of sugar in each one. We used spoons to pour the right amount of sugar into bags labelled with the food name and the amount of sugar it contained.

On Mondays, we all brought in ingredients for a smoothie. Some pupils brought things like tomato paste and spinach, but those recipes were truly revolting, others were really good. On Friday, year 6 students had a yoga class. We were taught some poses such as candlestick and sun salute. We also focused on our balance.

Well-being week was very exciting for students. The teachers made it a really good week for everybody. I am looking forward to next year’s well-being week!

Yolanda, Year 6G