Year 5 Planetarium visit on 4th October.

5th October 2021

Planetarium visit report, by Axel, 5E

Yesterday, Year 5 had the chance to go to a Planetarium to learn about our solar system. Chu, who is passionate about space; was very kind and welcoming when we first arrived, playing the guitar and singing songs which referenced stars.

The planetarium, a large dome inflated with warm air, was installed with a fish-eye projector and mats for us to sit or lay down on. We learned a lot about the life of an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS), as well as the movement of the Earth as it orbits the sun. It was great to see how the lunar cycle takes place, with the shape of the moon remaining, and just a part of it visible as the sun’s light reflects off it. Finally, towards the end of the session, we got to experience how black holes are formed with the destruction of stars – truly mind blowing!

Lunar cycle.jpg