Year 6 Student Leadership Team-building

21st September 2022

Year 6 Student Leadership team-building afternoon:
On Monday the 19th September, the Year 6 Student Leaders had a lunch meeting and team building afternoon. There were several activities which encouraged and challenged all the leaders to cooperate with each other.

The leaders were placed into smaller teams and completed seven activities, each giving a reward which would be used to complete the eighth and final challenge - building a small boat.

One of our favourite activities was where you had to transfer water from a full bucket to an empty one. What our team did was; five people lined up in a straight line. Whoever was at the front soaked the sponge and passed it to the next person where, at the end, they had to squeeze water from the sponge into the empty bucket. We then passed the dry sponge back to repeat the cycle.

It was an amazing experience for everyone to work as one. We had a blast and learnt a lot.
By Loic and Anika.

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